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Telescoping Forklift Jib Boom - 8,000lb, 144" extended length
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Telescoping Forklift Jib Boom - 8,000lb, 144" extended length

Item Number: 1022
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Our heavy duty telescoping forklift boom is designed and manufactured for handling loads that cannot be readliy palletized. This boom comes in a fork mount style only. The Telescopic boom is useful for reaching over obstructions or carrying long bulky loads. The boom retracts to 82" fully closed, and extends to just over 144". The telescoping forklift boom has a capacity of 8000 pounds at an 82" load center and at a 144" load center has a capacity of 2700 pounds. This boom is perfect for many boom requirements: Marble Forklift Booms, Glass Forklift Booms, Motor Lifting Booms, Pipe Lifting Booms, etc... Weight - 525#, HCG - 53.01", VCG 3.25", LLC - 0.0"

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