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Steel Coil Ram Prong - 8,000lb, 6" diameter, 36" long
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Steel Coil Ram Prong - 8,000lb, 6" diameter, 36" long

Item Number: 1001
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Coil Rams offer a solution to coil handling needs. Our Coil Rams are manufactured from the highest quality steel and workmanship. Coil rams are available in multiple diameters and lengths and are available in different class mountings, including Non-ITA. Coil Rams are a must have for anyone handling steel coils or aluminum coils. If the size that you are looking for is not shown here please contact us via the link on the contacts page and we can help you in any way possible. Capacity - 8000#, Weight - 210#, Horizontal Center of Gravity - 15.4", LLC - 1.75"

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